Securely Upload Your Documents to Us

Not a do-it-yourselfer, and can't visit one of our Rapid Drop Off sites?  If you have online access and some technical skills our new, Virtual method allows you to upload all your documents to us, then we'll prepare it for you.

Step 1:  Prepare Your Documents for Upload

You will need an internet connected computer, phone or other device that can access or take a photo of your documents, then upload them through our secure website.

  1. Click on the following link Form 14446 Virtual VITA Consent Form to open form 14446, Complete Part III
  2. Click on the following link Form 13614c Intake Form to open form 13614-C, IRS Intake Form and complete in its entirety
  3. Click on the following link LTM Customer Information Form to open the LTM Customer Information Sheet and complete it in its entirety
  4. Take a picture of your Photo ID.  If this is a joint return then also take a picture of your spouse's photo ID
  5. Take a picture of all Social Security cards for everyone on the return
  6. Access or take pictures of all your W2's and other tax documentation (documents should correspond with any "yes" answers on your intake form, 13614-C)

Step 2: Upload Your Documents Through Our Secure Transmission Site

Once you have your documents ready to be uploaded, go to and upload your documents to us.

When your documents are received they will be reviewed, then our volunteer preparers will complete your return.  If there are questions about the information along the way, or when the return is complete you will receive a phone call.  A volunteer reviewer will go over the return with you then e-file your return.