Securely Upload Your Documents to Us

Not a do-it-yourselfer, and can't visit one of our Drop Off sites?  If you have online access and some technical skills our new, virtual method allows you to upload all your documents to us, then we will prepare it for you.


The Customer Portal is a new feature this year, which allows you to do the following:

  • Share needed forms and documents with your VITA tax preparer
  • Open a communication channel with your preparer through chat
  • Receive a copy of your completed tax return which you can sign electronically and return to your VITA tax preparer
  • Check the IRS status of your return once it has been electronically filed by your VITA preparer.



Step 1:  Request a link to register

Because of strict security, you must request a link for access to the customer portal by either calling 610-380-9099 ext 100 or emailing [email protected] with the following information:

  • Full Name
  • Social Security Number
  • Cell Phone
  • Email


Step 2:  Register for the Customer Portal

You will receive an email containing your personal Customer Portal access link.  Once received, click the Customer Portal link in the email and follow the instructions through until you click the VERIFY button.


Step 3:  Prepare Your Intake Sheets for Upload

There are three intake forms you will need to complete.  Click on each one listed below.  The IRS Intake Sheet can be electronically filled out and the other two must be printed out and filled out by hand.


  1. IRS Intake Sheet-2021 (English)
  2. LTM Customer Information Form 2022
  3. VITA Coatesville Consent form 14446


Step 4:  Prepare your Identification and Tax Documents

  • Take a picture of yourself holding your Photo ID under your chin. If this is a joint return then both spouses must take separate pictures.  Make sure the ID is readable.
  • Take a picture of all Social Security cards or ITINS for everyone on the return
  • Access, or take pictures, of all your W2's and other tax documentation (documents should correspond with any "yes" answers on your IRS intake form, 13614-C)

Step 4: Upload Your Documents through the Customer Portal

  • Click View Files in My Files
  • Click Upload Documents and drag a file from your desktop or click the Drop file here to upload box to navigate to the file you want to upload


When all your documents are received, they will be reviewed and our VITA preparer will complete your return.  If there are questions about the information along the way, or when the return is complete, you will receive a phone call from number 610-380-9099. 

The IRS requires that we provide civil rights information and how to report unethical behavior to every taxpayer.  Please take the time to make yourself aquainted with the two brochures listed below:

Your Civil Rights Protected, Pub 4454

VITA/TCE Free Tax Programs, Pub 4836